Custom Developed IP's

A Custom Developed IP's Solution for every application :

If you are a RF system integrator/product designer having a deadline for deploying wireless systems then RFIC  can offer you custom MMIC design services with excellent performance specs. We can meet your requirements at very competitive rates also reduce your overall system deployment cost upto 10 folds. We understand our valuable customers need the best solutions and we deliver it with a quick lead time.
Have you ever wondered what is inside any futuristic 5G Chips? If no, then we introduce you to the world of MMICs. It stands for Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits. The fundamental characteristic of MMICs are that they are fabricated from a single piece of semiconductor material operating from 300 MHz to 300 GHz! Like modern ICs, it consists of multiple RF electronic circuits of active devices like transistors, diodes and passive devices such as capacitors, inductors and resistors together with all their interconnected to make up a whole system.
First Pass Success
Correct Modelling | Sensitivity Analysis | Failure Mitigation Techniques | Thorough Engineering
Advanced Technology
GaAs, SiGe, GaN, Si, InGaP, etc
Innovative Packaging
3D Packaging | Flip Chip | Hot Via | WLCSP | QFN | BGA
mmWave Proficiency
DC to 100 GHz Design Experience
Thermal Solutons
Thermal Vias | Nitrogen Cooling
System on Chip Integration
RF Analog Digital Integration | Monolithic/Hybrid Solutions
Built in Tests
Save many fold on production test cost
Best Performance Specs
State of the art Noise figure, P1dB, EVM, CNR, IIP3, Phase Noise, etc.
Low Production Cost
Save upto 5x Cost with more Low NRE, Low Production Cost compact and integrated die